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Portfolio Summary

Portfolio Services

We offer three types of portfolio services ranging from the simplest to the most comprehensive. Each of these services includes the following benefits:

 Main Benefits:

  • Suitable for DIY Investors as well as those with a full service broker.
  • Accommodate all types - Individual, Superannuation, Joint/Partnership, Company & Trusts
  • Minimize your capital gains on sales via a three phase CGT optimization process: method selection, parcel selection and loss optimization .
  • Daily updated for pricing
  • Online access 24/7 via secure logon
  • A single consolidated tax report for your accountant rather than piles of statements
  • Have all your corporate actions updated correctly for taxation purposes(ie capital returns, tax deferred income, takeovers, mergers and dividends etc)
  • Proactively manage your CGT tax liability throughout the year
  • Show income to be received and forward cash flow estimates
  • Comprehensive suite of reports including Tax Summary, Transaction, Valuation, Realized & Unrealized CGT, Income and Performance etc
  • Save money on any existing fees you might be paying for the same service


1. DIY Portfolios

We provide you all the tools to maintain your own portfolio for DIY Investors..




2. Administered Portfolios

We administer your share portfolio on your behalf with updated corporate actions, holdings adjustments and cash balances confirmed.

Admin Portfolio



3. Mail House Service

We add a mail house service to the 'Administered Portfolio' service above. This means we will take care of all your mail and only send you what you actually need plus update your banking & TFN details with the relevant registries also.
Mail House



 Business Services

We are available for outsourced administration services. We specialise in creating Access database administration systems as well as general portfolio administration, reconciliation & accounting. 
Mail House


Online Access




“Makes my life easier - less paperwork! About time we found a service like this one.”

-Dave Johnson, customer


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